Friday, 1 June 2012

Pop City Comics Orlando well worth a visit

While we were on holiday I came across a comic shop near to where we were staying, the shop is called Pop City comics and is on International Drive just down from Wet & Wild Water Park.
 The shop looks quite small from the outside but is deceptively large once you get in sort of a mini Tardis, and as you would expect there is a good selection of new comics along with some very reasonably priced back issues. There is also a wide selection of trade paperbacks along with other bits of comic related merchandise such as belt buckles, Heroclix figures and t-shirts. The man running the shop was very helpful and basically said if there was anything I was interested in then just to ask as most things had a price, I settled on a Batman black & white statue, Harley Quinn DC Universe statue, Green Lantern figure and some Green Lantern Book ends.
Which had been used for display purposes and as they were the only ones they had I was given a more than generous discount on them. I am not the quickest of browsers when it comes to comic shops and if its a new one I'm practically a snail, but at no time did I feel hurried or under pressure to buy something. Which is the vibe you can somtimes get in other shops, so if your a comic fan or want something to keep the kid quite and your staying in the I-drive area do yourself a favour and give this shop a go.
I will certainly be going back the next time we visit Florida.

If you want to check them out, the shop has its own website and has a face book page both links are below.

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