Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Earth Station Who episode 118, my first podcast experience.

For anyone who has read this blog you will know I am a avid listener to quite a few podcasts on the ESO Network, mainly because they talk about subjects that interest me but more importantly because they are so much fun to listen too. Earlier this year we went to the Timegate convention where I was lucky enough to meet some of the guys from the network, and see the live recording of the Doctor Who podcast Earth Station Who. I remember sitting in the audience thinking it doesn't get much better than this, well I was wrong because as good as that experience was sat watching a live episode this Sundays episode topped it. Why I can hear you all ask or maybe not, either way it was because I had been invited to be on the latest episode of Earth Station Who. I had received a message from Mike Faber asking if I wanted to be on the show it was an offer I didn't even have to think about, the guys were recording early around 3pm US time so even with the 5 hour time difference the time was perfect for me.

After letting Mike know I was happy to join them it was a quick update on my Skype account as I hadn't used it in over a year, then find my headphones and microphone and I was set for my first ever podcast.

Now to say I was nervous is an understatement but the guys quickly put me at ease as we talked for around 10 minutes before the show started, the Mike said are we all ready then it was 3,2, 1 and the show started.

Now I'm not given anything away as you should go to the website and download the show, which is also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. What I will say is I had a fantastic time and the geek in me was doing somersaults with happiness, I also had to push myself to be more involved as the fan in me was content to listen to the show as I normally do. There are also other lessons I learned from my first time, like don't touch my headphones, breath away from the microphone and buy a better quality microphone. Because after been on this podcast I have been bitten by the podcast bug and I would like to become more involved, whether that means hopefully guesting on podcasts or dipping my toe into the podcast pool I'm not sure on yet. But I now have an itch, and one thing I have learned about itches is if you don't scratch them they never go away.

On a final note I wish to thank Mike Faber for thinking of me for the show, and Mike Gordon, Jennifer Hartshorn and Mary Ogle for making my first podcast experience a memorable one.