Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Day 1 Rome

Not the perfect start we were hoping for, our hotel says it has a problem so we cannot stay there tonight.  I suspect they have overbooked and don't want to tell us, we have been moved into a hotel across the road which is of a very good standard. We have to stay there for one night before being moved back to our original hotel, we have been assured that all our bags will be moved for us and we will be upgraded for our troubles. It's not a major inconvenience but it does mean we cannot unpack until tomorrow, which is a bit of a pain. We are currently in the Domus Romana, and as I said it's  an hotel as good as the one we should be in.
On the plus side we visited the Trevi Fountain, had our first pizza and gelato, walked miles and had a few beers not a bad first day.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Back at last

To anyone who read my blog or even looked forward to reading it, (that last sentence may be a stretch) I apologise for my absence over the last seven months.

There has been varying reasons for my absence but in truth the biggest one is I just needed to get my shit together, yes I have had a few health issues but I needed to get myself out of a rut and get back to doing stuff I love again. Not that I haven't been doing stuff I love I just haven't been sharing and shouting about like I used too, well that changes from today and over the coming weeks, months and year I am going to be talking (writing) about all the geeky things I love again.

So hold on to your hats as I share with you the comics you should be reading, TV & films you should be watching and podcasts you should be listening too. Along with any other odd item I decide to throw in, so to anyone that has been waiting with bated breath for my next post (again a stretch) thank you and as Austin Powers once said.