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News & Rumor 23/06/2012

Doctor Who:
Sad news to start with as the BBC Doctor Who website reported on the death of Caroline John, Caroline played the companion Liz Shaw to Jon Pertwee's doctor. Caroline played the role in 1970 in Pertwee's first year as the doctor, our thoughts go out to Carolines family and friends at this sad time.

More Doctor Who
Rumour has it that Madame Vastra the Silurian assassin could be returning to Doctor Who, story's in the UK press (22/06/12) say she will be in the second part of this seasons split run. She appeared in the episode A Good Man Goes to War and proved an instant hit, it was implied although never actually said that Vastra and her assistant were in a relationship. They currently have their own facebook page, and there are rumours that they could be given their own spin-off show, stranger things have happened.

Bobby Nash:
Writer Bobby Nash has a new novel out titled Earth Strike Agenda, the book is published by Ben Books and is currently available as an ebook for Kindle, Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, and Adobe Digital Editions, as well as in PDF, RTF, and Plain Text formats for easy reading on any PC.
I believe a print edition will also be available soon.

Bobby kindly agreed to an interview (The Random 10) that was posted on my blog in April of this year, he has several works in print and his website is well worth a visit to see the vast scope of genre that his work covers. A particular favourite of mine is the crime thriller Deadly Games, but in all honesty I have enjoyed all the books he has written. 

You can purchase the Earthstrike Agenda ebook at the following:

Barnes & Noble (Nook):

DriveThru Fiction:

Bobby's Webpage:

Sinbad comes to Sky1

The satellite channel Sky 1 will begin airing their new fantasy drama Sinbad from the 8th July, with a newcomer Elliot Knight in the role as Sinbad. The show also has a large supporting cast that includes Naveen Andrews (Lost), Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda) and Timothy Spall (Harry Potter films).

The clips that have been shown do look interesting and as a fan of the old films I will be giving this one a go as well.

William Shatner:
Good old Bill Shatner has had to apologise to the Devon town of Ilfracombe, for a remark he made about the town while hosting the BBC satirical news quiz Have I Got News For You. When a contestant remarked how Bills mispronunciation of the towns name made it sound sexual, Bill remarked that the town was lacedfull with prostitution. You have to love old captain Kirk, still daring to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Dredd is back:
 The trailer for the new Judge Dredd film has been released and look very cool, try to forget the awful Stallone film and watch the clip you may be surprised I know I was.

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