Saturday, 2 June 2012

Why all the fuss about Alan Scott

Ever since DC announced that an existing character would be revealed to be gay, the Internet has been rife on who it could be.  Batman was the front runner as blogs seemed to go into meltdown with speculation, well it has been revealed that it will be Green Lantern, however its not the Green Lantern of the main DC Universe but Alan Scott the Green Lantern of Earth 2.
Now I have no problem with any of the characters in the DCU been gay, but I have to ask the question why does it mater if he is gay or not?
As a comic reader I want to read great stories I personally don't care if a character is gay, straight, black, white or as can be the case multi-coloured. 

Why did DC have to make such a big fuss and create a stir by announcing that one of their characters would be gay, we are now in the 21st Century and attitudes surly have changed enough that teasers about a characters sexuality are not necessary.

I wonder if DC would have made such an announcement if they decided to make a character deeply religious, or a religious fanatic, I think we all know that answer to that one.

Now DC will argue that there can be different types story lines that will spin out of the fact the a character is gay, but surely that is no different to story lines that come out of someone been married, living with his Mom or trying to hide a secret identity. Each situation create something unique for that particular character which effect the  way they are written, but none should be the main focus on who the character is and that is what DC have done with Alan Scott. In making the announcement's the way they did, it now takes away the focus that Earth 2 (based on the first issue) is a really good book written by a very good writer in James Robinson.

I want people to buy Earth 2 because its a fantastic book to read and not just because it has a gay character in it, and that's where I feel DC have gotten it so wrong by making announcement's the way they have.

I will be buying the book in fact I already have it on pre-order, not because Green Lantern is gay but because its a book I am interested in and its written by a writer I like.
Finally for the record I don't base my friendship's or the way I interact with people based on their belief's or lifestyles, I base it on the way they treat me and my family. 

There is already enough hurt and pain in this world without adding to it, for no logical reason.

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