Sunday, 24 June 2012

1 Year Old Today - Happy Birthday Too Old for Comics

Today is exactly one year since I published my first blog, I had intended to try to publish at least one blog per month it was I thought a daunting task that I had set myself. 12 months and 57 (58 with this one) postings later I look back and wonder how on earth I could have such an unambitious target, to be fair I did think that writing one blog a month would be a mammoth task and that I would struggle to do it.

The other worries I had was would I become board and end up writing just out of habit or abandon the blog altogether, and who if anyone would read the musings of a then 49 year old comic fan. In the end I just decided to go for it and along with encouragement from my lovely wife (Helen), and some sound advice from a now fellow blogger Martin Gray who runs the brilliant blog Too Dangourous for a Girl, it was time to ''Publish and be dammed''.

Well so far I haven't been dammed and writing the blog has opened up a whole new world to me, as it's enabled me to interacted with people I may never have if I had not taken the plunge and published that first blog.

A blog I may add that I love writing and I am very proud of it's not perfect but then niether am I, my blog wont change the world or make me pots of cash. But it is my way of sharing what I think is good about the comic and Si-Fi world, and I will continue to do so for a lot longer yet. 

So to any one who has left comments, read or just clicked on the blog out of curiosity I would like to say a big THANK YOU, as I move into my second year of musings.


  1. Congrats, Rob - I remember almost throwing in the towel around a year after I started mine so you're not alone there.

    Here's to many more postings!

  2. Thanks Gary,
    I intend to stick around for a while longer yet, I am still enjoying putting my views out there.