Monday, 28 May 2012

My wife releases her inner geek

After 2 weeks away in sunny Florida with my better half I've been itching to write a blog, but as I haven't read much in the way of comics I was unsure of what I could write about. Then a strange thing happened while we were away, I suddenly realised that Helen (my wife) had become a geek.

The realisation came while we were in Universals Island of Adventure, for anyone who doesn't know this is the area that has the Super Hero section and the world of Harry Potter amongst other things. After spending the day in Hogsmeade and riding the fabulous ride through Hogwarts, we decided to make our way back to the hotel (in truth pub) that's when the magic happened. Super Hero's Island is where they have rides such as Hulk Buster, Spiderman 3D, Doctor Dooms Tower of Terror and Storms tea cups ride, I'm sorry to any Storm fans but that's basically what it is. Adorning the buildings in this area are large images of various Marvel heroes and villains, my wife was happily taking photos of all of them while I was filming (men film).
Now most of the characters are the well know ones that even none comic readers would know, but as we were leaving the hero area Helen turned and saw the image of the Silver Surfer.

Without thinking she said look its the ''Silver Surfer I nearly missed that photo'', geeks around the park turned and punched the air in joy. As this none comic fan recognised a hero who is probably not too widely know outside of comic fandom, realising what she had just said Helen looked at me and said '' Oh my god I'm a geek''.
I put my arms around her and said ''Yes you are and I couldn't be prouder''.

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