Saturday, 5 May 2012

Batman Beyond Unlimited 3

 Its not often a character who's name is the main title on a book has to settle for back up story's, but it happens in this issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited. This issue Superman takes centre stage, and it's Batman who is relegated to back up story's. Normally as a Batman fan I would be moaning about paying £2.75 for a Batman book, and getting a Superman story especially as I am not the biggest Superman fan out there. But today is not a normal day as the story of an ageing Superman, who has lost his place and seemingly purpose in this future world is simply brilliant.

Superman Beyond

The story is told is told through two characters Superman and a young girl called Lucinda Walters, we start with a down beat Superman looking back at the past in his Fortress of Solitude. A place that he remarks has become more of a museum than a home, over in Metropolis Lucinda is shutting down a tech store via a gadget she places under a table. Her reason for doing this she didn't get a job she interviewed for, not a happy bunny is Lucinda.
Superman meanwhile is breaking up a hist on the docks when a super enhanced police squad let him now that they have it covered, old supes is left pondering at the grave side of Lois that he has no reason to stay on earth no more.

Que his reason, as Lucinda finds a key in a safety deposit box, that was left to her by her deceased mother. The key opens a door to a large abandoned building in Metropolis, where she is greeted by a hologram of a farther she didn't know she had.

Writer JT Krul pens a fantastic story that really captures the heart of a lonely Superman, who is now starting to feel like an alien on the planet he grew up on. There are small little nods to the past thrown in, that even a none Superman reader like me picked up on. The end page reveal had me desperate for next months issue, and you cant ask for more than that.

Batman Beyond
The first of the Batman story's is part 3 of The Trigger Man, and is largely forgettable as Batman fights psychotic bomber Mad Stan (did his mother call him that?), Stan is upset because a group of arms dealers have stolen his dog Bom Bom. Give that Stan is psychotic and also mad it seems strange that his dog is in fact a chiwawa or maybe that's the point, it all ends up in a mess as Stan puts a bomb on Batman who is knocked out by the explosion as he throws it away.

I am normally a fan of this incarnation of Batman but this particular story has too much going on in it for me, not only do we have Mad Stan, dognapping arms dealers but we also have Terry's ex-girlfriends brother who is seeming mixed up with the Jokerz. Throw into the mix Terry's friend Max who is mixed up with network hackers, and you have quite a jumbled story that doesn't know which plot-line should be the main focus.

Justice League Beyond

The 3rd story is a step up from the previous Batman one, as Batman and the rest of the League are told of Kobra's plans for world destruction by a recovering Amanda Waller. Plans that involve awakening a giant sea serpent who will reek havoc on the world, Aqua Girls boast that anything from the sea can be handled by her farther Aquaman and his people are short lived. As we see the army's of Atlantis laid to waste as the serpent begins its attack on the world, as the league ponder on what to do Batman has a plan but he will need the help of a certain old man to execute it. Dare I hope top see Bruce in some sort of costume next issue, I do hope so.

There is a lot of dialogue in this chapter of the story and very little action, but taken in context with the rest of the story it worked perfectly. I am really enjoying the story's featuring this future version of the Justice League, and I would buy a comic that just featured them in it take note DC.

If you enjoyed the animated series then you will enjoy the comic its based on, which expands the future world even further.

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