Monday, 7 May 2012

Avengers Assemble

If you haven't seen the film yet it is safe to read on there will be no spoilers here, today (Bank Holiday Monday) my wife and I went to see the Juggernaut of a film that is The Avengers.

Now it does help if you have seen the films that lead into the Avengers, although it is not essential as my wife has only seen Thor and it didn't spoil her enjoyment of the film. The fact that the characters have all had their own films is a big plus, as character development has already been established and in the case of the Hulk mistakes have been addressed. The film starts of at a tremendous pace and is reminiscent of Bond films, where you get a explosive start that leads you straight into the main story of the film and what a film it is.

My one concern going into the film was that there were so many lead characters that they would simply cancel each other out, but I needn't have worried as writer and director Joss Whedon got it spot on and every one has their moment in the spotlight. All the actors / actresses give brilliant performances, but I would like to single out Tom Hiddleston for his performance as Loki. He was good in Thor he is simply fantastic in this film, I like many thought Loki was a poor choice for villain but Tom's performance in this film changed all that. He has the arrogance and cunning of the Asgardian god spot on, Loki isn't evil he just believes he knows whats best for everyone and he will do anything to achieve it.

Another big winner for me was the Hulk, this film goes along way to removing the memories of the 2003 Hulk film. Almost as much as Samuel L Jacksons has taken away the nightmare of David Hasselhoff's portrayal of Fury in the 98 film Nick Fury: Agent of Shield, I have to admit I would watch anything in those days.

Every year the summer blockbusters seem to get bigger and bigger and you come out of the cinema saying they will never top that, I said it after Terminator 2 and Aliens I said it again today and this time I think I am right. The scale of the film is simply epic and if I had been planing to go on holiday to New York this year I would be worried, because you cannot convince me that they didn't destroy half of Manhattan making this film it looked that real. I had seen all the trailers but they don't scratch the surface of the film and nothing can prepare you for the none stop roller coaster ride that is The Avengers Assemble.

So do yourself a favour don't wait for the DVD of Blu-ray go out and see it on the big screen, we saw it in normal vision as 3d gives me a headache and it didn't take anything away from the film.
Oh and one last thing if you do go to see it, stay until after the credits as its worth it.

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