Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Superman/Batman #85 - Batman turned Killer?

For me Superman / Batman has been one of DC's most consistent books since its conception in 2003.
This is in part due to the fact that most of the story arcs are independent and self-contained, from the ongoing or crossover story lines in the other Batman and Superman comic titles. This new story arch is no different seemingly set in both our heroes early days.
At the start of this new 3 part story arc! The body of Gotham reporter Garrett Remington has washed up in Metropolis and all evidence seems to point to Batman been the killer, it turns out that Garret was a friend of the Daily Planet head Perry White, so Perry sends Clark Kent to Gotham to investigate the death of his friend, and hopfuly point the finger at Batman.

The story highlights the apparent distrust not only from Batman to Superman but with most of Gotham's police force with Batman, with the exception of Commissioner Gordon who seems to dismiss any idea that Batman maybe behind the death of the reporter slightly too quickly for my liking.
Even when Superman offers help to both Batman & Gordon he is rebuffed, told by both men that 'its our city, our problem', a sort of city wide siege mentality to outside help.
As the story goes on things seemingly get worse for Batman,as the evidence seemingly stacks up against him. However he has been in worse situations and refuses any form of help, but is strangely willing to share information with Supes in a Gotham back ally.
The ending of the issue reveal ties in nicely with the current Batman inc idea, and why Bruce may have taken the decision (although years later)to revel to the world that he was financing Batman.

The story is by Joshau Hale Fialkov, who puts together a very good murder mystery story, set against the back drop of our heroes early years. Batman is all brooding, untrusting and hiding in the shadows, where as Superman is the big boy scout out in the open willing to help despite been told by every one they don t want it.
Pencils are by the Brazilian artist Adriana Melo and are at a standard I believe this book deservers, his Clark Kent has the look of Christopher Reeve which is not a bad thing.

So far this is a great story with good artwork and worth a few £ / $ of anyone's money, my only regret is at the end of this story arch the book will make way for the new DC revamp,it will be sadly missed.

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