Thursday, 7 July 2011

War of the Green Lanterns the forgotten event

With all the focus coming out of DC at the moment seeming to be on Flashpoint and the new September issues, for me DC have allowed one event to slip under the radar.
I am talking about The War of the Green Lanterns, which for me has been a fantastic read in every book it has appeared so far. Yes it has crossed over into each of the Green Lantern books, meaning that you had to buy them all to follow the story. However, this does mean that each book is a pivotal part of the overall arch, and moves the story on to its inevitable end, which is more than can be said for some of the Flashpoint books.
What surprises me is that this story line has been building up for the past year; some would argue it has been building up since Geoff Johns first began writing the Green Lantern books. So why on earth would DC allow what for me should be one of the events of the year, to have been buried behind the seemingly endless Flashpoint promotional band wagon. To make matters worse the Green Lantern War took place at the same time as Green Lantern film was released, a double opportunity missed by the DC planning department.
This lack of foresight should not be a surprise to anyone as DC did a similar thing like this before, last year we had the Batman event of RIP, Superman had World of New Krypton, all going on at the same time as Blackest Night. Dont get me wrong I loved Blackest Night, but with the amount of titles spinning out of that event, I had to give the Superman books a miss.
Does any of this sound familiar or is it just me?

Anyway, if you have missed any of the War of the Green Lantern books, do yourself a favour go pick them up you will not be disappointed.

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