Thursday, 30 June 2011

Comic News & Rumours

The news that all Hawkman fans have been waiting for may finally be here.
SFX magazine is reporting that Warner Bro's are scouting for scribes, to bring the mace wilding winged Thanagarian to the silver screen. The film is been pitched as part Indiana Jones part Da Vinci code,  no rumours on who is to play Hawkman yet, but watch this space.

Paramount Pictures have secured the screen rights to DC Comic's 12 part maxi-series The Mighty, written by Green Lantern Corps scribe Peter Tomasi in conjunction with Keith Champagne & Peter Snejbjerg. The Mighty tells the story of a superhero who becomes corrupt with his god like powers,and the none superpowered cops who are tasked in bringing him down.

There are reports that Keanu Reeves has dropped out of the live action Akira film, the 46 year old actor was set to play the teenage biker gang leader in the film. Possibly a wise move on Keanu's part, pity he didn't have the same thoughts when deciding on the role of John Constantine in Hellblazer.

Finally Grant Morrison's hard cover book Super Gods, subtitled What masked vigilantes, miraculous mutants, and a sun god from Smallville can teach us about being human. It is described as a fascinating and autobiographical history of the comic genre, Amazon have a released date of the 19th July on their website.
I already have my copy on pre-order

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