Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dc re-boot a slight rant

Just thought I would put my thoughts on the changes to the DC Universe:
For me numbers matter and titles like Detective, Batman, Action comics starting at number 1, I find a little sad. Why could they not have kept the numbering the same on books that are continuing and just have a banner on the cover saying New Universe, Reboot or New World anything to set it apart from what went before. I know DC say starting all the comics at number 1 helps readers to understand its a new jumping on point, but come on give us some credit if we can understand how to managed our daily life, house payments, balance work and family life then a comic reboot is not too much of a stretch. The Dark Knight has only reached issue 2 and will be lucky to reach 3 by September the way its going, so do they really believe readers would be confused with the back history of that book?

John Constantine in a team book I cannot see this working, I have read Constantine since his conception and he is a loner and only thinks of himself so he wont work in a team book. Now if this is a different Constantine due to the changes then he is not the same character and they have lost one reader here.

Tim Drake not on the Bat books, don't think I have to expand on that one.

I was enjoying Justice League, and had been informed by all sources that I read or listened too that a long term plan was in place, at last I thought what should be DC premier book finally had a planned direction. Seems I was miss-informed and we are going back to putting the big hitters in there once again, only to change it in around 2 years time and I am been kind giving DC two years.
How many reboots has this book already had, is another going to make a difference.

Excited About:
The bat books all look good, I don't include Birds,Batgirl or Batwoman in that statement, as I didnt read them before so I wont be picking them up in the shake up.
I can live with Dick Grayson back as Knightwing as I loved that book before his change to Batman.

The anthology title DC Universe Presents I love the idea of a book that can showcase characters, that would not always support a book of their own. My only hope is that the main DC characters don't have main story lines in this book.

All the Green Lantern books, I just hope the GL universe hasn't changed too much.

I have enjoyed the resent JLI book in Brightest Day so will be picking up the new one, just a small complaint where is Blue Beetle and I would have liked to see the Captain Atom stay in there.

Comic Void Left By:
JSA, Power-Girl, Zattana and Batman Beyond who seem to have been cancelled.

Will I buy the books that are the same or similar to what I buy now, yes I will, will I continue only time will tell. Will I buy any of the new books, I will listen and read reviews before deciding what's best for me.

On a final note we are holidaying in New York in September for 5 days, so I may be able to get to some book signings whilst I am there if any are happening, glass half full as they say.

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  1. Nowt like a slight rant, I say. And it is a little worrying that some favourites are absent and others are unrecognisable. But I'm giving it a chance - we've sutvived this sort of thing previously ... we can be pleasantly surprised. And there's always the chance characters can change again!