Friday, 2 March 2012

News & a major spoiler (if you want it)

Batman & Robin Earth 2

Over the last few days DC have been reviling images of the heroes of the upcoming Earth 2 comic book by writer James Robinson, the images have been revieled on the DC Source Blog and clearly show that Earth 2 is a vastly different universe to the one we have been reading for the last 6 months. I am a big fan of James Robinson's work and thought his Justice League run was vastly underrated, and was cut short just as it was starting to pick up momentum.

Images shown are Batman and his daughter a female Robin, more images of other heroes and detail for each character is on the DC Source blog just click on the link.


Avengers Assemble

Cannot wait for the Avengers film in April, need an Avengers fix well wait no more there is a new trailer on line called Avengers Assemble. Now most of the clips you will have already seen but there are a few new ones the one with the Hulk catching Iron Man been a particular favourite of mine.

Major Walking Dead Spoiler
Do not go further if you don't want to know:
but you know you do.

It is been reported all over the Internet that there has been a major spoiler in the advertisement for the AMC blu-ray limited edition of The Walking Dead, which has a bonus feature which says Shane's last episode. Fans of the comic will be very aware that Shane died very early on in the books run, however he has proved to be a popular character in the TV series. Now speculation is now rife on how he will leave the show as the spoiler doesn't say he dies, only that it's his last episode.

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