Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blue Beetle #6

As first story arc of this book draws to a close we get a showdown to the death between Blue Beetle and Blue Beetle, to be honest its more of a playground scuffle between Blue Beetle and Red and Blue Beetle.

In a previous issue Jamie had infected his friend Paco with his scarabs Transbiotic Antitrauma (me neither), but what ever it is it healed him from certain death. Now as it was Jamie while in costume but under the control of the scarab, that stabbed Paco through the heart it was only fair that he tried to save him.

However, the problem this sets up is that Paco doesn't have the same control of his suite that Jamie does, something that Paco's suite recognises. And it decided that the he must deactivate Jamie's scarab, as it believes it is damaged and must be replaced. As the scarab is always in control of the host, and not the other way round.

I know this sound confusing but if you have read the book from the beginning it makes sense, which is one of the problems I have with the issue as it is no way new reader friendly.

But back to the plot and Jamie has to find a way of stopping his friends suit from killing him, without harming his best friend in any way.
The final solution on how he does this is a bit of a cop out and a slightly disappointing end to the fist story arc, I also find the way that Brenda (Jamie's one-sided love interest) doesn't connect the dots when he disappears and Blue Beetle turns up a little annoying.
It's very reminiscent of the old Superman and Lois story's, which may have worked 20 years ago but doesn't work in today comic world.

That aside writer Tony Bedard has continued to keep Blue Beetle interesting, although I am still not sure we needed a reboot of the character when the book relaunched. I would have much preferred to have carried on with the Blue Beetle I read in Justice League Lost, in that book he was more self assured of himself and his ability's.
However, having said that I would be very disappointed if the comic was cancelled as I have enjoyed it overall, the art by Ig Guara (pencils), J.P Mayer / Mark Irwin (Inkers) and Pete Pantaziz (colourist) are top draw and help make up for the annoyances I may have with the issue.

The book finished with the Blue Beetle heading off to New York, which will hopefully see Jamie evolve more into the Beetle we used to have.
I will be sticking around to find out

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  1. They had to reboot him. Infinite Crisis was written out of history so Jaime needed a new origin. But I still love what they're doing with him and can't wait to see him face the Reach.