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News and Rumour 21/03/2012

Doctor Who meets Emmerdale

Jenna-Louise Colman has been announced as the new companion for the Doctor, the former Emmerdale actress will join the show during the Christmas special. Jenna is 25 years old and comes from Blackpool, she played Jasmine Thomas in Emmerdale and also stared in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road. She can also be seen in the upcoming drama Titanic playing a character called Annie Desmond, and had a small role in the resent Captain America film. Other news on the series has also been released
  • This years we will get six episodes which will include the Christmas special.
  • Eight more will be aired in 2013, making a total of 14 episodes filmed this year.
  • Amy & Rory will leave after episode 5, which will feature the Weeping Angels.
  • After the 8 episodes  in 2013 there will be more later in the year, how many Moffat is not saying.
  • Matt Smith is contracted for all the episodes in 2013, no news after that.
  • Jenna will begin filming in May.
Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who so you can bet something big is been planned, as the I don't believe the BBC will not let this anniversary pass without producing something.
One rumour that seems to be hanging around is that Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing the latest incarnation of The Master, given his ties to Moffet via Sherlock its not too much of a stretch. But give the fact he would be most Who fans first choice if Matt Smith were to leave , I don't think it will happen but I have been wrong before (but don't tell the wife that).

Dark Shadows Trailer Released
A few posts ago I reported on photos released from the Tim Burton Dark Shadows film, this week the first trailer was released. There has been some surprise shown as the trailer seems to indicate that the film may be a comedy, now I am glad I I have seen the trailer as I went to see Sweeney Todd and without knowing it was a musical. I vowed never to be caught out again, click the link and make up your own mind on what type of film you think
Dark Shadows will be.

Once Upon a TimeThe cult TV show Once Upon a Time is set to hit the UK on the 1st April on Chanel 5, the synopsis of the show is that the town of Storybrooke, Maine is populated by characters from fairy story's. They have all been exiled there to live in the real world by the Wicked Queen, none of the inhabitant's know their true identity's and happily go about their daily life's. However, this all changes when a girl called Emma who is the daughter of Snow White and Price Charming, returns to Storybrooke.
I know it doesn't sound too good but the reviews have been excellent, so its must be worth giving it a go I know that I will.

Leeds Comic Convention (Thought Bubble)News for the Leeds comic convention is begin to filter out, the comic convention will run for two days on November 17th & 18th. The whole comic art festival known as Thought Bubble will run from November 11th culminating in the two day comic con, details on what is happening throughout the week can be found on the Thought Bubble web site along with guests confirmed for the convention.

Earth Station Who is Launched
And finally I reported on the Earth Station One podcaste turning 100 a few blogs ago, well they have now branched out and launched Earth Station Who. Which you can guess by the name will report, review and generally talk about all things Doctor Who. You can access it via the ESO website episode one is the very first episode An Unearthly Child, I haven't listened to it myself yet but if its half as good as the ESO podcast we are in for a treat.

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