Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My top 10 of 2011

Now I know we are nearly into Feb but I thought I would share my 10 events, films, comics or just geek out moments of 2011.
I was going to put in some of the disappointments but decided against it, as I want to concentrate on the positives in 2011.
It is a purely personal choice and as they say in X-Factor in no particular order here is my top 10:

The Green Lantern Film: Now I know it had its detractors and some of the pacing of the film wasn't right, but as a film that had to introduce Green Lantern to the world for the first time, it was a good start. I went to see it with Helen (better half) who is not the biggest super hero fan in the world, her verdict '' It was a good film'' trust me that's high praise indeed.

DC New 52: What ever way you look at the new 52 it was a brave move by DC, and one that could have blown up in their faces. Thankfully it didn't and as the last 5 months have shown it has been a fantastic success, breathing new life into characters who had become a bit stale and bogged down in their ongoing history. If I have on slight dig its that it wasn't a full reboot, Batman and the Lantern universe have stayed largely untouched. While other heroes received radical changes, however the story's are brilliant so its only a slight dig.

X-Men First Class: So much could have gone wrong with this film reboot, it didn't and we all got an X-men film that is worthy of the comics its based on.

DC Retroactive: Some good some not so good but all were worth the money, if you haven't read any seek them out.

Thor: I went to this film fearing the worst and came out of the cinema in geek heaven, if you didn't secretly cheer as Thor swings his hammer around then you cannot call yourself a geek, hang your head in shame.

Captain America: Another comic film hit for Marvel take note DC your lagging behind, having seen the 1990 Cap film anything would have been an improvement. Fortunately this was more than an improvement and it washed away those nightmares of the 90's film.

My Blog was Born: I know its a bit self gratifying to put this in but it was a big deal for me, and I am enjoying every moment of it. Thanks will always go to those who inspired and advised me on how to start it up, along with thanks and apretiation to anyone who reads the ramblings of shall we say a mature comic reader & Si-Fi nut.

Meeting Gail Simone: If I was to place one thing at number 1 then this would be it, I met Gail at the Thought Bubble comic con in Leeds. Not only did she sign my comics and have time to chat, she was also kind enough to have a photo taken with me. Its said that you should never meet your heroes as you may be disappointed, well I did and I wasn't.

Scott Snyder: Sometimes a writer just gets a character and their run on that book becomes legendary, Scott Snyder gets Batman and the world he inhabits which made his run on Detective Comics simply brilliant. He is currently transferring that same brilliance to the main Batman book, and lets not forget both Bruce Wayne &  Dick Grayson were both Batman on his watch. Add to that Gates of Gotham which layed the foundations currently been played out within the Batman title, American Vampire and Swamp Thing and you have a set of very impressive books.

Batman Year One Animated Film: This was as close to a living breathing comic book I have ever seen, each panel of Frank Millers classic Batman story was brought to life (well animated life)
Of all the animated films DC have brought out, for me this one stands head and shoulders above all of them.

Well that's it my top 10 of 2011 a good year for comics and Si-Fi, I'm hoping 2012 will be better.

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