Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Aquaman 4 - The rebirth of a hero

The first story arc of Geoff John's Aquaman has wrapped up in issues 4, and what a fantastic arc it has been for this much maligned DC hero.

Aquaman & Mera have reached the volcanic trench in search of the people who have been taken by the creatures who live there, what they find is an old Atlantian underwater craft from a time before Atlantis sank.
Now I may be wrong and my wife will often tell me that I am even when I'm right, but I think this craft is a set-up for future story's to come.

Once our hero and heroine enter the trench battle ensues as they confront the king and queen of the deep water creatures, as we discover it is the queen who is feeding on the missing people so that she can continue giving birth. Think Alien underwater and you wont be far off target.
Well as you would expect after battling overwhelming odds Aquaman & Mera save the day, and get the lost people of Beachrock back to dry land safe and sound. They also ensure that the trench creatures are not a threat any more, but as you know in comics never say never. If I have one gripe about the book is that after a 3 issue build-up, the trench creatures are dispatched rather quickly, but it is only a small gripe.

This book is a fun read and the beauty of it is that it doesn't take its self too seriously, but crucially it never comes over as slap stick either. The panel where the young boy tells Aquaman that he is his favourite superhero is a joy to see, this is followed by one of the police saying ''I still don't like him'', brilliant writing by Mr John's.
The artwork by Ivan Reis is simply stunning and the inks and colour work only enhance the book, the underwater panels are fantastically put together with 2 double page spreads that are simply breath taking.

Geoff Johns love for Aquaman shines throughout this book, but it is his writing of Mera as well as Aquaman that for me make this book outstanding. She is as important to Aquaman as Robin is to Batman, and long may she continue to be written this way as I could not imagine the book without her in it.

The final pages where we see Arthur and Mera relaxing in their lighthouse home at Amnety Bay, are the perfect ending to the book as we see Arthur given a pet. Now I know you are all thinking dolphin but your wrong, its a dog a dog that has no name. The policeman who delivers him to Arthur suggests they call him Aqua-dog, again the comic is not taking its self to seriously. I for one would be happy if he was called Aqua-dog, but that's probably because I'm missing Krypto the super dog.

The final page saying coming up this year ''Who sank Atlantis'' looks to be a promise of grater things to come, and I for one cannot wait to see what Mr Johns has in store for the Atlantian couple. 

If you haven't picked up this book yet then your missing the re-birth of a classic DC character, Aquaman Rebirth now that has a familiar ring to it. Enough of my rambling and do your self a favour go pick this book up, I give it the highest of recommendations.

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  1. Good review, yes, this has been a pretty decent story. Now if Geoff Johns can just stop claiming everyone thinks Aquaman is lame ...