Monday, 21 January 2013

Justice League 15

The Throne of Atlantis story line kicks off in DC premier book and to be honest its one of the better story's in the book for a while, someone has altered an aircraft carriers nuclear missile test and sent the missiles into Atlantis which the Atlanteans take as a declaration of war. They react by initiating The Atlantean War Plans which Aquaman drew up during his time in Atlantis, the first stage of the plan is to flood and drown the major city's coastal city's first on the list Metropolis and Boston.

Before these city's are flooded we spend a bit of time with Superman and Wonder Woman who have spent time in Smallville and are now on a date in a fish restaurant, where Clark is showing Wonder Woman that with only a pair of glasses you can change your whole appearance. The panel showing Diana wearing glasses looked very Linda Carter and was a nice nod to the characters history, meanwhile Batman is taking down a group of Scarecrows henchmen who have kidnapped two people who have agreed to testify against him. Just when the kidnappers look like they have the drop on Bat Aquaman turns up to save the day, although he is later told by Batman that he had it covered and didn't need help (good old Bats).

Meanwhile in the Watchtower Cyborg is talking with his farther via video link when all power shuts off heralding the start of the Atlantean attack, as the weave hits Metropolis Superman and Wonder Woman spring into action to try and save the day. The double page that shows the wave crashing into Metropolis carrying the aircraft carrier, and the single page showing Superman and Wonder Woman crashing out of the restaurant are worth the price of the book alone.

There is the usual save of Lois Lane but this time its by the Atlantean Vulko which is a nice twist, although the fact that she seems jealous that Superman and Wonder Woman were working together was a surprise. I'm not reading the Superman book so I am unsure of their relationship but I thought there wasn't one,
 the book ends with the next weave about to hit Gotham with Batman, Aquman and Mera looking on an ending that left me desperate to read the second part of this story in Aquman 15 something a JLA book hasn't done in a while.

The backup story continues the origin of Captain Marvel sorry Shazam as he is now known, as I didn't read this part of the comic I cannot comment on it. My reasons for not reading it is my total dislike on the way Geoff Johns has redefined this character, but I buy the book to read Justice League story's not Shazam ones so I will leave it at that for now.

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