Monday, 7 January 2013

News 7.1.2013

ESO Network:

The ESO Network has started this year as it ended last by expanding its line of podcasts, the latest podcast to join the ESO Network is Needless Things which is hosted by The Phantom Troublemaker. Phantom is a regular on the ESW (Earth Station Who) podcast and also appears on ESO (Earth Station One) from time to time, ESO has had an explosion of podcasts added to its network in 2012 with I believe more to be added in 2103.
The first episode of Needless Things covers the topic of 30 years of Masters of the Universe, you can access the podcast by clicking the Needless Things  links below.
Click the ESO link to see check out the they guys at Earth Station One, 

Mocking Bird Lane:

According to Bleeding Cool NBC have announced that they will not be progressing Mocking Bird Lane into an ongoing series, Mocking Bird Lane is a re-imagining of the classic Munster’s show with Mocking Bird Lane been the name of the street where the Munster’s lived. The new show stared Eddie Izzard as Grandpa and wasn't meet with much enthusiasm by both fan of the classic series or NBC themselves when it was aired over Halloween  as a fan of the original show I cannot understand why they would create a new Munster’s show then not call it the Munster’s, but that could be just me.

Molly Danger:

Jamal Igles Kick Starter comic Molly Danger is well on the way to completion and character designs can be seen on Jamal’s Facebook page, a preview Molly Danger comic will be available on this years Free Comic Book day. Molly Danger is a book that Jamal has wanted to bring to life for a long time and I can only imagine the excitement the man must have as he nears completion of this project, as someone who supported this comic book I am very excited to see these character designs and cannot wait to get my copy once it sees print.

Peter David:

Sad news last week when it was reported that writer Peter David had suffered a stroke on holiday with his family in Florida, early reports from his immediate family were that Peter has lost most of the use in his right arm and leg, and has blurred vision. Despite this however he is said to have retained his sense of humour, David has written stories for some of the main characters in Marvel as well as an acclaimed run on Aquaman. For me some of his best work was on Aquaman and his X-Factor run in the 90's, information on how Peter is doing and how you can help him are on the link below. 
At the time of writing this 7/1/13 Peter had stood with assistance and taken a few steps, I wish him a full and speedy recovery.  
Peter David.Net

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