Saturday, 10 September 2011

Podcasts I enjoy to listen too

Like many people I get my comic news reviews via the Internet, if you’re reading this then that will be no surprise to you. One of the main way and also for me the best way is via podcasts, why podcasts I hear you ask. Well I its because as I listen to them I get the feeling that I am there sat with them, as they talk about the things that are excited about or things they don’t like. I constantly finding my self agreeing or disagreeing with the podcaster's and even laughing out load, and as some times I’m sat on the bus to work whilst listening I can get funny looks.
Below are the podcasts that I listen too and a bit of information of who the podcasters are, what they talk about and why I enjoy them.
Give them a try you never know you may start talking to your I Pod whilst sat in public, it is very liberating.

As they say on X-Factor in no particular order:

Raging Bullets: Sean Whelan and his co host Jim Sequlin host a mainly DC focused podcaste, they are a spoiler podcast and go in-depth on the stories and plot lines of the comics they are reviewing, so if there is anything you don’t want to know about you should go back later to better enjoy the show, their words not mine. From time to time they do tend to go off on tangents, and I have listed to discussions as diverse as who would play who in a Muppet Secret Six Movie to the annoyance of Colgate adds in the middle of comics, never a dull moment with the Raging guys.
What really comes over with this podcast is the community spirit that has been built up around it, they have a Facebook page, forums, and have a voice mail line which for the most part as far as I can tell are played unedited on the show. You can also send in emails or contact the guys through Twitter, which gives one big comic community feeling to the whole experience.

Comic Timing: Ian Levinstien & Brent Kossina, I can across this podcast when Ian made a guest appearance on Raging Bullets.
Again this podcast is very interactive and you can contact the guys via emails, twitter, forums and a dedicated Facebook page. The podcast covers all manner of books from the big two (Marvel & DC) as well as independents, films and games have also been reviewed from time to time but the main body of the show is comics. There can be some bad language from the guys during the broadcast so it is not for the narrow minded or prudish, as I am neither of those I don’t have a problem with it.
Ian also posts regularly on his own Facebook page about various topics, from Si-Fi, comics, food and baseball.
As a side note Ian pointed me in the right direction to get baseball tickets on our upcoming holiday to New York, if I bump into him while I’m there I will buy him a drink as a thank you.

Podcast of Oa: (via the blog of Oa) Myran Rumsey & Bill Giancoli – this one is self explanatory in that the podcast is Green Lantern, covering everything from the film, books and merchandise. As a Green Lantern fan this is a podcast I really enjoy, the podcast its self has only been running for around 3 months so is in its infancy, but given its slick production and quality content you would think it had been running for years. If you have a love of all things Lantern then give this one a go.

Where Monsters Dwell: - If I am honest I tend to dip in and out of this podcast and only listen to the ones that grab my attention, the resent Gail Simone interview from Australia and the resent Jimmy Palmiotti interview have been essential listening.
The podcast its self is very slick and well put together, there is a Facebook page and an email address so you can contact the guys if you want too. Again like all podcasts its down to personal taste but I enjoy what I listen too when ever I download it.

Earth Station One Podcast: This podcast casts it net quite wide in that it covers comics, TV and film, the format of the show is a bunch of guys sat around talking about their likes and dislikes. I first came across the show when I downloaded an episode which reviewed Torchwood Children of Earth story line, a very entertaining episode it was too. Like other podcasts they have Facebook, Twitter and even have merchandise you can buy if you want too.
If you like your podcasts with off the cuff talk, (not saying it’s that but its how it comes over) then you will enjoy it.

There are many other podcasts that I have come across, but the ones above are the ones that I listen too the most. There are others that I check on a regular basis, to see if there are items that are of interest to me.
I have listed them below and put links on them, give them a try you may find something you enjoy.

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