Monday, 29 August 2011

Books that I will be miss in the DC re-boot

As we say goodbye to the old DC universe, and hold our breaths as we prepair to embrace the new one. I took time to reflect on the books I have enjoyed that will not be featuring in the new universe, at least in the first few months that we know of. 

So in no particular order,

Power Girl: Now there are two reasons I love this book, and they are not the ones that jumped into your mind as you read the first sentence. They are that this is a fun book to read as it doesn't take its self too seriously, the other is simply Power Girl is a fantastic character and when written and drawn well you inevitably get a good story.

Superman & Batman:  This book has been one of the first ones I read when my monthly order arrives, we have had story's from the past, future, alternate universes as well as tie in to present day story lines. This book showed that a Superman / Batman story is never boring if it is done well, and it was consistently done well in this book.

Secret Six: Now I have to be honest in that I have been reading this book in trade, as I find it the best way to read these story's. The book is full of the most unlikeable villains you could ever meet, not that you would ever want to meet them, but here's the strange thing you actual find yourself routing for these guys week in week out, or month in month out in my case. It is a testament to the brilliant writing of Gail Simone, that you actually want these people to survive.

Zatanna: Now there are two reasons why I love this book sorry done that one already. In truth Zatanna is a much under used character, and when she was given her own book you saw the true potential of this character shine through. I truly hope we see her been used correctly in the new universe.

JSA: I am a big fan of team books and this was the best one of the lot, not much more I can say on that one except they will be missed.

R.E.B.E.L.S:  Now I know this was cancelled a few months back but in reality it was to make was for the changes to come, this book was space opera at it best and was praised by everyone who read it. Unfortunately there were not enough people reading it, which is a pity as this was a fantastic book.

Red Robin: Tim Drake / Wayne has been one of the best additions to the Batman universe, and I have read his progression from Robin to Red Robin and not missed a single issue. I am hoping he will get his own book once the re-boot settles down.

Batman Beyond:  Enjoyed the animation series, the book took the story of Bruce Wayne and his new protegee Terry McGinnis a step further.

So that's it the books I shall miss, i am sure there are many more that other people will miss that I haven't touched on, but these are the ones that are relevant to me.

So its out with the old and in with the new, lets hope its a good journey.

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