Monday, 2 November 2015

Movember 2015

                            Movember 2015

This month I will once again be taking part in the Movember campaign, to try to raise some money but as importantly raise awareness of prostate cancer. Because unfortunately we (men) are a bit rubbish in getting or asking for help, subsequently too many men die because they leave it too late to get help. Last year I grew a Frank Zappa style moustache, this year I'm going for more of a Magnum Pi one. I will post updates on my endeavours over the coming month, but please if you have any suspicion that something doesn't feel right or you have concerns. Please get it checked out don't wait for it to go away, it is more than likely nothing but it's better to be safe than your family to be sorry.

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  1. Puh. Schnurbart ist wirklich wieder im kommen. Moustaches, also in Hamburg very popular again :-)