Sunday, 6 September 2015

Justice League of America #3

The Justice league is fractured Wonder Woman is trapped alone in a destroyed Olympus with only a Oraculum for company and answers, unfortunately for Wonder Woman none of its answers are good or of any help to her. Flash and Green Lantern have been transported to Krypton a few thousand years before it was destroyed, then just as you thought it couldn't get any worse Flash disappears again leaving Hal alone and lost in time.

Back on earth the so called Krypton God Rao is still putting the world to rights, the sick are been healed, criminals are turning over a new leaf and the starving in Africa are been feed. Not content with that Rao is turning Africa's barren lands fertile, and dealing with the warlords to ensure peace and stability throughout the region. While all this looks and sound good the UN council are not too sure, and believe the changes been made are coming too fast and possibly at too high a price. Something that is hinted at when Rao after appearing at a UN council meeting, tells the council he will not stop and when challenged he tells them he will be more forceful in his persuasion..

Meanwhile Batman been the sceptic that he is (shocker right) also believes Rao has alternative motives, and that behind his apparent benevolence lies a bigger sinister plan. He goes as far as to accuse Superman of handing the planet on a plate to Rao, whle having nothing but faith that he is really the long fabled Kryptonian god.

There is some great dialogue between all the characters in the book, Flash and Lantern most notably between Superman and Batman as they debate Rao. Bruce asks Clarke to show him he is wrong and show him he can believe, when asked ''In Rao'' Batman replies ''In you''. Its dialogue that sums up the relationship and respect the big two have for each other, and something so many writers get in other books they are featured in.

Writer Brian Hitch is doing a stunning job crafting a story where you know the so called saviour of earth is bad, but he is doing everything right to get the people of the planet on his side by performing miracles throughout the world. There is a real sense of a world changing event happening with the overhanging feel of foreboding menace just around the corner, the real strength of any JLA book is the members of the team and even though in this story they are split across time and space. You never loose the sense that these are the top players of the DC Universe that can overcome any threat they encounter.

It should also be noted that Hitch is not only writing but also doing the artwork for this book a feat I can only applaud, as his standard of artwork which in my opinion is always excellent doesn't seem compromised by doing both. His attention to detail not only on characters but also in background work is one of his strengths, again this is only my opinion but I know what I like and I like Brian's work.

JLA has fast become one of my must read monthly books and for me is one of the best books been put out by DC at the moment, which is a surprise as it doesn't sit within present DC continuity or the events going on within any of the teams other books. Bruce is still Batman, Superman still has his powers and Hal isn't the lone wolf he is in his book at the moment. I cannot comment on Flash and Wonder Woman as I don't read their books, but I would be surprised if this book tied in to any of those two titles.

Were only at issue 3 so back issues shouldn't be hard to find, so do yourself a favour get down to your local comic shop and pick them up. 

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