Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sons of Fire # Vol 1

30 years ago Jacob Crowe started a fire which nearly destroyed the town of Black Rock, it was a fire that resulted in the deaths of several Black Rock residents. Jacob is now in prison serving time for his actions when he is asked to tell his side of the story, by a young would be reporter who has been digging into the history of the fire. As part of a school essay that he is writing, the young kid believes there is more to the story than was originally made public. 

Jacobs story is told in a series of flashbacks where we see glimpses of his troubled home and social life, all of which play a part in turning him into the arsonist we know he becomes.  (I'm trying not to give too much away)

Its during the flashbacks that we see the death of his farther and brother who die in a fire he may or may not have started, before been shipped off to stay with his mother who walked out on her family a few years previously. We also get to meet Andrew Danner  the local collage star quarterback, and his girlfriend Sarah Nickles. Andrew is a young man with secrets of his own, and for reasons he only knows seems to have made it his mission to protect Jacob when he needs him the most. Most of the characters we meet in Jacobs flashbacks all seem to have their own agenda and secrets, all of which start to intertwine into the main story arc. 

As a reader you could very easily become lost 
within the story's interweaving plot lines, but thanks to clever writing and good story pacing from writer Adam Lance Garcia,I personally never found that to be the case.

Apart from the cover the story is printed in black and white, however as the Walking Dead comic has proved you don't always need colour to show great visuals. As artist Heidi Black proves throughout this book, I really enjoyed Heidi's 
artwork which was excellent throughout the book. Her lines and shading complement the story superbly, which all helps to set up the atmospheric tone and mood of the book.

Sons of Fire is a dark tale with superhero elements inserted throughout the book, although personally I wouldn't class it as a superhero book. For me Sons of Fire is a coming of age story, where choices made by a young man are looked back on with regret in his later life.

At the end of the book I was keen to read more which I think is a fair indication of how good a book is, and I look forward to Sons of Fire volume 2 which I believe is planned for later this year (please).

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