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Podcasts I currently listen too.

I have found myself listening to an ever growing list of podacasts over the last few years, when I first started listening to podcasts around 7 years ago I listened to 2 a month. Today I have 12 on my I-Pod all set up to automatically down load every time a new one is released, which can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the podcaste.  Now I don't know if 12 is a high, medium or low number of shows to listen too, but what I do know is its more than enough for me at the moment although 7 years ago I thought 2 shows was enough.

I usually listen to the shows during the 90 minute journey to and from work which is a lot of listening time if you add it up, which of course I have only to be shocked to find it added up to 15 hours a week. The shock wasn't for the time spent listening to the podcasts it was the time spent commuting too and from work (I need to win the lottery), if the 15 hours wasn't enough I also listen while I'm in the bath now I wont share what shows I listen too in the bath as I don't want to scar or scare anyone. 

Anyway the point of this is to tell anyone who read or comes across this particular post what shows I am currently listening to, and give a brief description on what they are about and any thoughts I have about them.

I want to state now that I am not saying these are the best podcasts out there (however, they probably are), but if you feel there are any that I should be listening too or indeed you have a podcast you think I should listen to please feel free to let me know.

Now as they say in no particular order the list of shows I listen too:

Raging Bullets: Now I said in no particular order but there is a reason Raging Bullets is the first on the list, that's because it was the first podcast I ever listened to and all of the others span out of my love for this show. Raging Bullets is a DC Comics podcast full of spoilers and plotlines, with the hosts Sean Whelan and Jim Sequlin talking quite extensively about recently released DC comics. The show is release weekly and can run from 50 minutes up to 3 hours depending on the subject, over the years the show has featured guest writers and artists all who help give a fascinating incite into the world of comics. The show will be 10 years old this year which is some achievement, and it thankfully shows no sign of ending any-time soon.

Podcast of OA: Born out of the excellent Blog of OA Myron Rumsey and Bill Giancoli review and talk about all things Green Lantern, if your a fan of the Green Lantern and the Lantern Universe then you should be listening to this show. The show is monthly and like Raging Bullets where Myron would sometimes guest on when they talked Lantern comics, the Podcast of OA has had some fantastic writers and artists on to the show although theirs are Lantern related . The show is informative and fun with both hosts clearly having a great time discussing the subject they both love, I would also like to add that if there is anyone with more Lantern knowledge than Myron then I have yet to come across them.

Comic Timing: Ian Levenstine and Brent Kossina podcast talk about anything comic related, with a revolving panel of guests and friends. Brent also has a show on gaming called BK's Bullets and Ian has a short show called Extra Point talking about anything that has peeked his interest. Comic Timing has a very relaxed feel to it and you can tell that all the guys on the show get on very well with each other, but be warned there can be bad language so it may not be suitable for younger listeners although having said that they may know more bad words than me. The best way to describe the show is its like listening to a group of friends talking with each other in a comic shop, they may not always agree but they have the same love for the medium and as Ian says ''There is always time for comics''.

The DiBBcast: This is a bit of a niche show as it primly centers around Orlando and its Theme Parks, it has the latest news and rumors from the parks along with helpful hints and tips for both new and seasoned travelers. The hosts Rob, Geoff (Geoffa), James, Mel and Grant present a great mixture of up to date information and Disney History, and we never go to Disney without it.

The ESO Network: ESO has grown dramatically over the past few years and is now known collectively as The ESO Network, at my last count there were 21 podcasts who are part of the network below are the ones I currently have on my I-pod. Please let me state here and now that the ESO Network shows I don't listen to at the moment isn't down to their quality, its purely down to not having enough hours in the day. So I do encourage anyone who read this blog to check out the link to ESO to see the full list of shows, as there is something for everyone on there.

Earth Station One: As the guys say its your station for all things geek and is hosted by Mike Faber & Mike Gordon, other guests also join the show dependent on the topics been discussed and can be one off's or return on a regular basis. The show is produced weekly with regular segments on the show that include, The Geek Seat where a guest is asked 10 pre-set questions, Rants and Raves and Mikes (Gordon) Con report where upcoming or past conventions are discussed. Show topics have ranged from the latest Si-Fi blockbuster to the Marx Brothers, so there is always something for everyone to listen too.

Earth Station Who: Your podcast for all thing Who, if you hadn't already guessed this is a Doctor Who podcast, were Mike Faber & Mike Gordon are joined by regular co hosts The Phantom Trouble Maker and Jennifer Hartshorn. All things Doctor Who are discussed past and present including episode reviews, the latest comic, toy and convention news.The show is currently running twice monthly but changes to weekly when Doctor Who is been aired, the great thing about this show is that the guys don't always agree with each others opinion. They do however always discuss it in an adult way, with differing opinions sometimes been changed sometimes not its simply a great show.

Needless Things Podcast: Hosted by The Phantom Troublemaker (El Phantasmas) and is a fabulous podcast, which covers a multitude of subjects such as toys, movies, music, wrestling and pop culture. The toy reviews are second to none and the love Phantom and his friends have for this subject, radiates out when ever they do one of these shows. The resent shows about the New York International Toy Fair are so good they had me wanting to collect toys, shows are weekly and they are backed up by a brilliant blog page which has posts to it on a daily basis.

Earth Station MCU: A new kid on the block to the ESO Network but fast becoming a top source of information for all things Marvel on TV and Cinema, the show is hosted by Jennifer Hartshorn with a round table of guests to discus the latest Marvel shows, films and trailers. The resent shows about Agent Carter have been great given that it hasn't been shown over here in the UK, MCU has helped me to get some understanding of what the Agent Carter is about and how it connects with the bigger Marvel Universe. I have to admit that I'm a little behind with this podcast but that is deliberate on my part as they are presently discussing Agents of Shield, we are a few weeks behind the States in the airing of that show and I want to watch it first then listen to the show to avoid too many spoilers.

The White Rocket Podcast: Show host Van Allen Plexico is a new pulp best selling author, the show is usually Van and a special guest talking about topics that are an interest to the both of them. Resent shows have included an in-depth look at all the Bonds, the Avengers, and Conan, other shows have included looks at Space 1999, X-Men and Downton Abbey so the show covers a wide and interesting array of subjects.

So that's who I listen too and I encourage you to give these guys a try as well, they put a lot of work into putting out quality shows just for the love of it. If you think or know of any other podcasts you believe I should give a try, then please shout them out and let me know.

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