Monday, 20 October 2014

G.I. Zombie: Futures End #1

Now this is a bit of a strange title to throw into the futures end mix given that it has only had 2 issues prior to this one, even for someone who has read the first two issues I found it odd as I’m still getting to know the books characters.
As with all the FE books we are 5 years into the future and GI Zombie is in the middle of a zombie outbreak, he is leading the fight while the scientists try to find a cure before the outbreak overruns Gotham. There’s also a slight nod towards the film World War Z,as the fight against the outbreak is being conducted at sea from an aircraft carrier. The years and the zombie outbreak haven’t been kind to GI Zombies partner Carmen, and we now find her aboard the aircraft carrier been used as the test subject for the zombie cure.
The usual zombie siege clich├ęs are all in place a city in peril, undead hordes overrunning what is thought to be a safe haven, and a hero who fights and wins despite the odds that against him. All of which make for a great one off story which is part of the problem with the issue, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have crafted a great story but haven’t had the chance to build a following on this book. So I’m not sure how many people will actually buy and read this issue as other FE comics may take president, as people decide how best to balance their budgets with the array of FE comics out there. I do hope that isn’t the case as the book deserves to be read by a wide audience, as with all Palmiotti and Gray comics it’s a solid read.
This...this is gonna be a good'un.
Now there is one glaring continuity problem with the book that some readers or continuity fans may find hard to get over and that is the zombie outbreak, having read all the Batman and Batman related FE comics I haven’t come across any references to any zombie outbreak. Either in Gotham or in the wider future DC Universe so where this fits I’m not sure, now for me it’s not a big issue but for some it could be so if you’re one of the could be’s you have been warned.

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