Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #2

Now I'm a bit behind with this one but there's a good reason for it, I have been trying to get copy's of this comic without having to pay through the nose for it. The crazy situation is that this comic which is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of this great Si-Fi show ever made is not readily available in the UK, IDW do not have the rights to distribute Doctor Who comics over here a problem the Doctor himself would find puzzling. So having finally given up trying to buy a floppy (not a word I like) copy of this comic, I finally gave up and went for the digital download hence my late review so after a long winded explanation on with the review.

The Second Doctor my Doctor (showing my age) has landed the Tardis in the intergalactic trading post known as the Frenko Bazar, along with his current companions Jamie and Zoe the Doctor decides to have a look around. Its during their walk around that they come into contact with a alligator type race known a Voraxx known for dealing in slavery. Its no surprise that the Doctor decides to visit the shop of the slave traders to see what they are up too, and inadvertently or perhaps deliberately put Jamie in danger when he is recognised as a valuable commodity by the slave traders.

When Jamie is kidnapped the Doctor reveals he put a tracking device on Jamie and with the help of a trans-mat device transport Star Trek style to a space ship orbiting the planet. Once there he finds hundreds of species all waiting to be sold into slavery, the Doctor begins to free them but not all want to be freed as they fear the reprisals they could suffer, fortunately the Doctor finds a couple of Ice Warriors who prove the perfect tool to lead a revolution against the slavers. Having saved the day the Doctor and his companions transport back to the Bazar but the Doctor arrives alone, with no idea what has happened to his two companions.

Now I was looking forward to this issue more than any of the others as the second Doctor is my Doctor, the Doctor I used to watch from behind the settee with my dad saying I will turn it over if you don't come out ( I never did).  For the most part the book was everything I had hoped for and Troughtons Doctor was captured perfectly on each page he appeared both physically and in his character. There were enough Easter eggs for fans of the show both old and new peppered thought the bazar scenes, my favourite was the glimpse amongst the crowds of  Alpha Centauri from the Peledon story's.  The inclusion of the Ice Worriers was also welcome as they made a lasting impression on me when they appeared on the show all those years ago, a classic monster for a classic Doctor I am one happy fan boy.

As I said for the most part the comic was everything I had hoped for but I do have a few issues with the overall feel of the book, if I didn't already know that this was part of an overall story ark I would never have know. There is nothing that connects this story to the previous one, yes the companions disappear at the end of the book like they did in the first issue, but that's just it they disappear the villain trying to ruin the Doctors life's never makes an appearance. So we are left in a kind of limbo which leaves the book with a slight disjointed feel to it, to me it felt more of a one shot than a continuing story.

That been said if your a Doctor Who fan then this is a must buy comic, as I suspect as will issue three which will feature Jon Pertwee's Doctor.


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  1. Great series and great tribute to all the doctors
    I do have all issues 1st prints available of each issue for those who cannot locate them locally