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The Random 10 Interview No:3 with Jevocas Green.

My guest for this edition of The Random 10 is writer Jevocas Green.

Jevocas (Java) has kindly agreed to do the Random 10 interview but before he does that, here is a little bit of information about Java in his own words.

HI all! I'm Jevocas Green - "Java" to my friends. I'm an Atlanta native, born and raised. Into all forms of performing arts and martial arts. I'm also an Entertainer (Acting/singing/Dancing etc) and the Co-Owner and Executive Producer of my own production company, Jymeni Productions, LLC. I'm always busy doing something. I'm always off somewhere doing or trying to do a movie or play lol. I'm also a big ol dork! lol i love Power Rangers... yes... Power Rangers... and Doctor Who. I have a big inner child. I think its what keeps me young lol. I also loves my cartoons and anime and such! So YAY! I'm a convention goer, so Dragon Con is where i LIVE! lol. Its my passion. Plus i've been a reoccurring guest at Outlanta Con and for the first time TimeGate this year!

The Random 10 Questions

 How did you first get into writing and producing fan films?

Well, the first fanseries Studioz. We sought out to do a series that was as true to the actual comics as possible. I was given the task to write and adapt some of the comics into script form and it was really cool to do. It gave me quite the inspiration to do this and be able to recreate something i was passionate about while still honouring the original. And at the same time giving it something fresh and new. After the first season of X-Men was completed, my good friend Richard Hempton and I decided to try our hand at "Doctor Who." Being that we were both HUGE Whovians, we decided that we weren't going to treat this lightly. We assembled an amazing story team and we began work on the series.

Who or what were your early influences?

With Doctor Who, one thing that has always compelled me is their ability to tell a great story in a very simple way. They take the most simplest of scenarios and add this whole other WORLD to it and its now something epic! One of my FAVOURITE couple series writers for Doctor Who are Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman. They know how to give you a story you'd think you'd figure out and completely change gears to keep it interesting. Plus, Moffat has the innate ability to make you fall in LOVE with the characters and then RIP them from you lol. Well done sir. lol. Going into the writing of 'Doctor Who The Forgotten Doctor,' We knew that our stories would have to match the current dynamic of the show in order to make a mark.

Where do you draw your ideas for your stories from?

Well as i said, there was a TEAM of us doing writing. Richard Hempton, our head writer, then Adam Smith, Sean Boyce and Myself. We all sat around and conceptualized the entire storyline of the series. One thing about doing a show like this is knowing where its going to end, because ultimately it HAS to. Having a point to build towards gives you this amazing device to create an intense story that you'll just want to watch to try and find out. We didn't leave that first writers meeting until we knew for a FACT where we were ending this story. Then we decided to find the middle point and slice it in half to make two seasons. We drew the ideas for stories for the series from what we all individually loved from the show. The adventuring, the Aliens, the intergalactic travel. We're all true geeks and this is just the medium to express it lol. We knew we wanted to keep some original content from the actual BBC series, but we had a AMAZING opportunity to create something brand new and exciting by taking on the story of the 'Last Great Time War,' which has only since been mentioned in passing or briefly acknowledged on the show. To quote Neil Gaiman "You don’t know what it’s like to be God… Until that very first moment when you get to sit down and type the words in your script: INTERIOR. TARDIS."

You write, produce and star in your own productions, firstly how do you approach each job and secondly how do you find the time?

LOL. I knew I'd eventually get that question. LOL. Well, its not true that I Write, Produce, and Star, in ALL my productions. My first Short Film to work on from my production company, 'Last Will andTestament'
( I was only one of the Executive Producers, and I didn't act, OR Direct that one. Same with Uncanny X-Men and a few other productions I've done. The way this came about with Doctor Who, with no pretence, is mainly because I said to myself, 'Man, I'd love to play the Doctor.' But I had NO idea it would become this. It took lots of convincing from my fellow producers and now staff to move forward with this because I was nervous about it and didn't think the fans would accept me as the Doctor because A) I'm American doing an British accent. B) The First Doctor of Color and C) Figuring out where in the Timeline I would fit. So it really all just happened for this one. lol.

I suppose with each duty I try and approach then in separate mediums. Richard and I decided early on that I wouldn't have my hand in EVERY pot seeing as I'm playing the DOCTOR. He wanted me to just focus on the Acting. So I did that as much as I could. When its the Writing, I knew I didn't want to write EVERY episode. So I picked the least amount of stories to put my name on and let my team to the rest. When producing, I try my best to keep what I do outside of being on set and let my other two producers, Richard Hempton and Robert Vardaros, handle the reins. The only difficult time I have is when I have to Direct and Act in an episode. Its hard bouncing back and forth on that one lol.

And how do I find the time? .... I don't lolol I do have a full-time job on top of this series along with duties to other projects as well. I suppose I try and take my leisure time where I can. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love everything we're doing here. And I can sleep when we're done lolol

If you could write or produce a film using any character who would you choose?

Cliché cause it's been done before and to death, but Batman. I've been incredibly infatuated with Batman since I was a wee tike. I was a HUGE fan of the Christopher Nolan franchise, but I feel I could bring a level of realism to the series that would still be able to stay pretty congruent to storyline.

I'm also, as of late, REALLY compelled to do a proper WONDER WOMAN story. It seems that so many people have tried and tried and for some reason or another, it just fails. I don't know what it is. Growing up, her and Batman, and Green Hornet and lots of others were my IDOLS. I knew I couldn't be Wonder Woman, of course, but as into Batman's story I was, the same was for her! But I would love to just try my hand at giving Wonder Woman the go she deserves.

You use Facebook and other social media to connect to fans about your work. Do you consider this to be an important part of your film promotion?

On an independent Fan project, yes. A big part of promotions comes from the ability to pay for advertising. Seeing as we cant always do that, We have to really push on Facebook and Twitter to get the attention on our project and make it known. Facebook has proven to be the NUMBER ONE source of our promotion. And is where we reach the most fans.

Your current project is The Forgotten Doctor. Can you tell us a all about it?

Well, Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor is an original Story of Doctor Who. We pick up where the 8th Doctor Comics leave off, where the Doctor and Destrii go on their last adventure together defeating the Cybermen (DWM: The Flood). After doing so the Doctor is mysteriously summoned back to Gallifrey and is met with an old foe. He is fatally injured in his escape, much before his Fixed Point in Time, and regenerates into an Alternate 9th incarnation. With his new body, he now has to gain his barrings and figure out what is happening on Gallifrey. He meets up with a young Girl street rat named Sasha Princeton upon coming to Earth and she forces her way into the TARDIS. Thus the adventures begin. There are lots of NEW stories and returning faces, such as the Weeping Angels, The Daleks (of course), The Cybermen, and a fantastic 4 Doctor's 2 parter featuring the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor trying to figure out an evil plot alongside the Forgotten Doctor. Lots of surprises and reach backs to never before seen characters, such as Marnal, the Doctor's former Mentor and the original owner of the TARDIS, and we finally see the story of Corsair which takes place back in 1954 Mississippi. (Yes... black Doctor... in Old Miss.... fun!) We cant wait to show you this EPIC 15 episode adventure!

Where can people find out more about The Forgotten Doctor and is there anything they can do to help support the project?

The first thing is spreading the word. Telling people about us and directing them to our facebook page and Twitter. Our biggest snag on doing a show to this scale is always funding. Being a Fan series, all of the people working on this show are 100% volunteer. And so its mainly us coming out of pocket to put this on for you. And DOCTOR WHO AIN'T CHEAP! lol. We have been running indiegogo campaigns trying to raise the funds to finalize this season and we need all the help we get to make this Adventure a Reality. Our most recent just ended, but we're gearing up for another in a couple of weeks. But for now, you can donate on our paypal at and make sure you write "Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor" in the subject line.

When do you hope to release The Forgotten Doctor?

The best way to answer that is when it is done. lol. We've put a lot of work into this and we want to make it the best we can. Its much anticipated, so we definitely don't want to half ass it. We hope for a late May release, in time for the TIMEGATE convention, which we are guests for alongside veteran Doctor Colin Baker. And that's gonna take place May 24th - the 26th ( for more info) So here's hoping we can see you all there.
Where can you be found for anyone who wants to check either your past and present work?
You can check me out on IMDb to see just about everything I've worked on: Otherwise follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I'm always up to something lol

Jevocas "Java" Green
"THE DOCTOR" / Exec Producer

I would finally like to add my thanks to Java for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview,and I wish him all the best with his current Doctor project and any future projects he may undertake.

Rob McIntyre 


  1. Java and his crew are doing a great job on The Forgotten Doctor. I've had the great fortune of meeting them around Atlanta and am excited to see the finished series.


    1. I was really impressed with the the standard of production on the trailers I have seen for The Forgotten Doctor, I was more impressed when I read Jarva's interview the guy puts in a lot of work. I did catch a glimpse of yourself and some of the ESO guys on one of the promotional videos, you were all stood by the Tardis.