Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Comic & Si-Fi News 17/10/12

DC's New 52 gets smaller?

DC have announced the names of 4 more titles that are to be cancelled in January, the books are Frankenstein Agent of SHADE, Grifter, Blue Beetle and LEGION Lost all will finish on their 16th issue. All 4 books were part of the new 52 launch so it’s a surprise that they are been cancelled so far into their run, there is no news on what books will replace them as of yet. However with these books ending and only the new Justice League  and Threshold books to replace them, it leaves DC with 50 titles in their re-booted universe next year. So unless they are about to put the banner ‘The New 50’ on all their books, expect an announcement on some new books soon.
Thanks to the excellent Bleeding Cool for the heads up on this news, click the link for more detailed info.


Arrow starts on Sky 1 on the 21st October, the pilot episode aired in the States at the beginning of October and has had a good reception so far. News filtering through seems to be that this is a darker take on the Green Arrow character, and is vastly different from the Green Arrow that appeared in Smallville.

Watch out for Doctor Who and Torchwood actor John Barrowman who will be joining the show from episode 5 along with appearances of Deadshot and Jessica De Gouw as Huntress it shaping up to be a promising show.

Leeds Comic Con:
The final programme for the Thought Bubble Comic convention has been released with this year’s con looking to be bigger and better than ever, 200AD will be very prominent this year as it is celebrating its 35th year. The con will run over 2 days on the 17th / 18th November at Saviles Hall in Leeds (no comments please), amongst many others I am particularly looking forward to meeting Swamp Thing artist Yanick Paquette.
It will also be the first comic con that my wife Helen has attended; she has always said I would leave her in line for a signing or sketch and then wonder off on my own. Having promised not to do this (too much) she has agreed to come along and see what a comic con is like, I think we will have a new convention convert by the end of week-end fingers crossed.

Walking Dead is Back:

The Walking Dead is set to air on UK TV this Friday 19th October; I thank my wife for that bit of news as I didn’t think it was starting until the end of the month. Brit actor David Morrissey will play the popular and psychotic character The Governor, and with the inclusion of the sword wilding Michonne it should be a good season.

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