Thursday, 19 July 2012

Marvels new film line up

It seems that there is no resting on their backsides after the success of their Avengers movie, Marvel have announced 5 more films that most people believe will feed into the next Avengers film around 2015.

No big surprise as Iron Man 3 is already in production, Robert Downy Jr showed up at Comic Con to help promote the film and even managed to look cool just wearing the Iron Man hand.

Next up will be Thor with a 2013 release with lots of rumour on who will be the villain, but no confirmation as of yet.

Then its the turn of the super soldier as Captain American returns in The Winter Soldier, which should not be confused with An American tale which stared a mouse called Fievel.

This is where Marvel throw every one for a loop as the Guardians of the Galaxy are scheduled to appear in 2014, this could be a bit of a gamble as outside comic fans the Guardians are not too well know. Concept art of the team is below, and yes that is a gun carrying Raccoon.

Finally Ant Man is to make his big screen debut, however no date has been set yet, it looks like it will be an interesting few years for Marvel fans.


  1. It's amazing that we're now regularly getting top-notch superhero films. I cannot wait for the next Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. And Ant-Man, wow!

  2. Yes its a good time for comic fans, the only down side is that is seems to be totaly Marvel driven with DC lagging behind in the film stakes. Listening to the ESO guys to day they were saying news out of the San Diego Comic Con, is that after Superman next year DC dont have any more plans for films. I think they are going to concentrate on their animation staright to DVD films, which is a little disappointing.