Sunday, 8 April 2012

News & Rumour April 8th 2012

Walking Dead:

Actress Danai Gurira has been cast as the sword welding Michonne for the 3rd season of Walking Dead, Michonne was seen briefly at the end of season 2 saving the life of Andrea. Michonne is a key character in the comic books, and fans are delighted at her addition to the show.
Gurira's previous roles include Lie to Me, Law & Order and Life on Mars US version.

Captain America 2:

Disney have set the 4th April 2014 as the release date for Captain America 2, the story will pick up where the much anticipated Avengers Assemble will leave-off. Chris Evens (not the Radio 2 DJ) will continue in his role as cap, but if you cannot wait that long don't worry as Iron Man 3 (May 2013) & Thor 2 (Nov 2013) will keep you entertained until then.

Being Human:

Being Human will be returning for a 5th series next year, and some fans are hoping for a move away from the grim story's of season 4.  Not to say that the story's weren't good they were, but they lacked some of the dark humour of previous seasons. With the shows regular characters now all moved on (killed) we should see the new season start with Hal (vampire), Tom (Werewolf) who worked so well together in the last season, and the recently deceased Alex (ghost).
I for one am looking forward to watching it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

It seems that the new film of the beloved Turtles will have a dramatic change to the characters, the Turtles will no longer be teenage or mutant. Michael Bays take on the much loved franchise will have the turtles as aliens, personally I don't think Grown up Alien Ninja Turtles has the same appeal to it somehow but that's just me.

Recently Michale Bay is quoted as saying
“These turtles are from an alien race, and they’re going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely lovable. Kids will believe one day that these turtles do exist when we’re done with this movie.”

I used to watch the cartoon with my kids (my excuse and I'm sticking with it) where they were know as hero turtles in the UK, and later I took them to the cinema to see the films and I have to say I enjoyed both takes on the Turtles. I will reserve judgement on this new concept until I have seen it, but I do find it strange that having decided to make a film due to a ready made audience base. That film makers decide to alter the concept because they don't think it will work?

Supernatural Season 8:

News that Supernatural has been commissioned for an 8th season are filtering on to the net, unfortunately for us in the UK season 7 hasn't been shown as of yet. I believe it is due to be shown on Sky Living sometime in June, it seems strange that shows like Game of Thrones or Fringe can be shown days or at most a week after been aired in the states. Yet Supernatural is 9 months behind the states, so if your a fan and want to see you could just buy the box set. 

The Random 10:
In a shameless bit of self promoting (well its my blog), I am announcing a new monthly (I hope) interview feature called The Random 10. The idea is to ask 10 random questions to someone with a connection to the comics or Si-fi, and publish it on a monthly basis. My first interview will be up in a few days and will be with comic writer and novelist Bobby Nash, Bobby kindly agreed to do the interview and I have been corresponding with him over the last few days. I am very excited about adding this new feature to my blog, so any thoughts on it would be appreciated. 

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