Saturday, 24 December 2011

News & Film Trailers

A 6 minute prologue for the Dark Knight Rises has been released, it shows Bane and his men taking down CIA operatives by trashing their plane in Midair: Click the link below.
Batman Prologue

The new trailer for the Dark Knight Rises has been released where we get a better look at both Catwoman & Bane, this one has me chomping at the bit, click the link below to see the trailer.
Batman Dark Knight Rises

 The trailer for the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy has also been released, The Hobbit is due for release 14/12/2012, only just under a year to go click on the link to see the trailer.
The Hobbit

If any film sequel made you ask why then its this one Ghost Rider 2,but to be fair it does look good again click on the link to see the trailer Ghost Rider

Men in Black 3 is due for release on the 25/5/2012, I'm a big fan of the films so this ones on my must see list.  Click the link to wet your appetites.
Men in Black 3

The website for The Amazing Spider-Man launched mid December I have put a link to the site, there is all the usual stuff on there I recommend you take a look.
The Amazing Spider-Man

Marvel have announced that their first big event in 2012 will be Avengers Vs X-Men it will start with an issue 0 in March then become a biweekly maxi series starting in April.

The story will revolve around Hope Summers, who may become the next host of the Phoenix Force. After the death and destruction by Jean Grey when she was Dark Phoenix, the X-Men begin to train the youngster in order to keep her safe and under control.  However, as protectors of the Earth  The Avengers want to take Hope into protective custody until they can “decide what to do” with the girl something the X-Men will not allow.
Now I have to admit I'm a bit of a lapsed X-Men reader slowly catching up in trade paperbacks, but this story certainly has me interested.

Over in the New 52 DC Universe the dates for trade releases has been announced, but if you are waiting for any particular book sit back down they are not out until May 2012 some as late as September.
The full list and dates are on the fantasic website.

Still with DC Jim Lee brings one of DC's the greatest villains to the pages of Justice League #4.
Darkseid was originally conceived and designed by the great Jack Kirby, and hats off to Jim Lee as his redesigned Darkseid has the Kirby look.
Justice League #4 arrived in stores on December 21.

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