Sunday, 7 February 2021

Doctor Who Comics Issues 1 to 3


It would seem that the 10th & 13th Doctor cannot stop bumping into each other, fresh from their encounter with the Weeping Angels and Autons in 60's London and their brief encounter during the Time Lord Victorious comic. They are once again thrown together as they both arrive in modern day London, but unfortunately for them its a war torn London overran by Sea Devils that has Rose Tyler as the head of the resistance.

As with all things not everything is as it seems and the Sea Devils are not the biggest threat they are just the hired mussel to keep humans in check, the Skithra from the TV episode Tesla's Night of Terror are the real power bent on world domination. while the 13th Doctor is figuring all this out the 10th Doctor is meeting Rose again who has no idea who he is, despite this they both team up to try and put the worlds to right although the Doctor is not a fan of the rather large gun Rose now has.

It seems that the change the world is linked to the TV episode and the lack of the Doctor being there so both Doctors decide to travel back to that time to sort things out and put time back on track, which is not as easy as it may seem as you will know if you have seen Back to the Future part 2. 

TARDIS issues, mistaken identity and a trip to 1903 New York all make issue 3 an enjoyable read, add  in two Doctors, Sea Devils and various companions and you have a cracking issue in your hands.

The inclusion of the Sea Devils from classic Doctor Who is an inspired decision and makes me want to see them return to New Who, Roberta Ingranata artwork is great with the likeness of the characters being very consistent throughout the issue something that inst always the case. Jody Houser is really hitt her stride with the 13th Doctor storys, I did think I would become tiered of the 10th & 13th Doctor hook ups but she has crafted some wonderful story lines and long may it continue. 

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